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Wordbee: Ask for a 30 day trial version, no strings attached

Tranlation Associations News: Check out the advantages of WordbeeWordbee is a revolutionary program that is changing how translators associations, translation agencies and freelance professionals work nowadays. This software is represented in Portugal by Lexis's partner AP | Portugal

Ever thought it would be helpful to have greater control over your translation projects and higher efficiency in your work? You're in luck then. This program, developed by a Luxembourg-seeded software company, allows translators to control every step of the translation process and manage the all team, as this software promotes collaboration between colleagues working on the same project. Wordbee also stands out for its accessibility.

Another advantage of Wordbee – a software that received an award in 2011, at Cebit, Hannover's renowned international technology fair – is that to use it as a service on your computers you don't have to spend money acquiring, lodging and maintaining the servers or hiring consultants.

This program has proved to be greatly useful for translation services. That happens because Wordbee has all the technical features which you can find in memory translations systems (the so-called TMS) and combines that with the possibility of working with your team-mates in real time and in a flexible way and an intuitive interface.

To test Wordbee's potential, ask for a 30 day trial version, no strings attached.

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