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In Morocco there's an association joining legal translators

Morocco has a legal translators association since 2002Morocco's Legal Translators Association was created in October of 2002 because the translators that were certified to work in the legal area wanted to organize their specialization.

The needs to adapt themselves to the demands of the contemporary world and the changes that the kingdom of Morocco’s was going through also dictated the creation of the new entity.

This translators association was also born in the context of the reforms taking place in the legal institutions and their modernization and is accredited by the ministry of justice.

According to the law published by the government in July of 2001 to officer the Association of Legal Translators, "all translators working in the legal area must join the same professional association".

Its mission is to study the questions relative to the practice of the legal translator profession and to improve the techniques and the methods required for them to work; to defend the legal translator rights, as well as his supreme interests, honor, ethic, reputation and work quality.

This translators association goes to justice in behalf of its members every time the supreme interests of the profession are threatened or its or their honor is targeted or even when the association's rules are infringed.

On the Morocco's Legal Translators Association website, you can search for a translator – be aware that the site is not in English, but has a French version – by name, language and/or city.

Morocco's official language is Arabic. The classic Arabic is the language used in education, public administration and media. The everyday language a Berber dialect called Tamazight. Also, French is spoken by most people.

Keep in mind that Arabic, one of the world’s oldest languages – in 1974 it was made the sixth official language of the United Nations – is spoken by 246 million people in the world. It is spoken in the Middle East – with speakers found in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt –, but also in other countries where there are Muslims.

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