Translators Associations Asia Pacific: JAT

An active association that cares about the young

JAT is Japan's translators associationFounded in 1985, Japan Association of Translators (JAT) wants to get individual translators to exchange information and insights.

The idea behind the creation of this translators association was that JAT's members would help each other do a better job for their clients and a more rewarding one for themselves.

Based in Tokyo since 2001, JAT is a nonprofit organization with more than 460 members worldwide.

Most members are Japanese-to-English or English-to-Japanese translators, so if you're working with these two languages it might be useful to join this translators association.

And if you are an interpreter or translator of other language combinations, you will be welcome at JAT. Professionals of other combinations already lend further breadth and diversity to this translators association.

JAT's philosophy is that it is individuals – not agencies – who translate and that furthering the interests of individual translators is primary to advancing the profession.

Events and connections

JAT’ holds the International Japanese English Translation (IJET) Conference over two or more days every year, alternating between Japan and an English-speaking country, also the PROfessional Japanese-English Conference on Translation (PROJECT), a one-day conference, also annual, covering all aspects of how to succeed in the translation business.

The Japanese translators association also invites experts to talk on a range of topics on its monthly meetings that are held in Tokyo and followed by a networking event. Other events are organized throughout the year in Kansai and elsewhere.

You might also like to know that JAT has a group that works closely with the Japan Legal Information Institute. The aim is to promote more consistent and informative legal translation. The JATLAW – that's how it is called – was launched in early 2010 and its meetings, focused on issues such as tort law, property law, and bankruptcy law, are held several times a year.

Thinking of the young translators

In 2004, JAT launched an annual translation contest to encourage beginning commercial translators with less than three years’ experience.

Its e-Juku program, launched in 2009, is another way to give young translators an opportunity to better their translation skills over several weeks in a virtual classroom where veteran translators provide detailed feedback and advice.

Know more about the Japanese translators association by accessing JAT's website.

Keep in mind that Japanese is a language spoken by over 130 million people in Japan and in Japanese immigrant communities.

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