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Argentine for Translators Association

Translation Associations News: AATIAATI, the Argentinian Interpreters and Translators Association, was born in 1982, from the enthusiasm of a group of highly motivated professionals. From the beginning, several goals were established.
AATI’s first intention was, obviously, to help promote all professionals whose job involves translation and interpreting. For that purpose, the founders decided to use different forums.

In order to fulfil the first goal and also to help promote professional development, AATI organises several courses, seminars and workshops, as well as networking opportunities.

Another one of AATI’s main objectives is the encouragement of “collaboration and exchange of knowledge and professional experience”. For that to be achieved, the people in charge of the Argentinean translation association wish to “establish relationships among AATI’s members and other associations, educational institutions and organizations”.

They are proud to have been the first – in Argentina – to celebrate International Translator’s Day, which is celebrated on the 30th September.

Regular liaisons with other translation organisations and educational institutions in Argentina help achieve their targets.

To disseminate translation and interpreting news, AATI has a monthly e-newsletter which keeps their members updated about what goes on the internet, as well as book discounts, job opportunities, deals for educational events and news about activities organised both by AATI and other international institutions.

Keep in mind that although there are at least 40 spoken languages in Argentina and no official tongue, Spanish is dominant de facto and by far. Argentina is the fourth largest Spanish-speaking country, after Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

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