Translators Associations Latin America: ATIRD

Putting the Dominican Republic on the translation map

Translators Associations Latin America: ATIRDThe Dominican Republic’s Translators and Interpreters Association (Asociación de Traductores e Intépretes de la República Dominicana, ATIRD) is a non-profit organisation created in 2009 and it describes itself as a translators association “both of mutual and public benefit”.

The ATIRD, seeded in Santo Domingo, is a civic organisation, autonomous and non-profitable. It defines itself as being “nonpartisan, non-religious, democratic” and of a “mixed nature” as it stands both for the rights of its members as well as it serves the community in general.

For the purpose to be accomplished, the people behind this translation association have defined a list of goals like the creation and development of studying and investigation programmes, free discussion and advice in everything concerning translation and interpretation. They also wish to make a contribution towards keeping translators up-to-date as well as help them improve their translation skills.

The ATIRD has the mission of defending the professional rights of translators and interpreters, including those concerning social security. Also, there is a will to make these professionals’ merit recognised by the public.

Keeping the window open to the rest of the world, the people at ATIRD want to cooperate and interact with similar institutions, both national and internationally.

In a demonstration of rigor, other than its goals and mission, the association has its own defined values. Strong phrases such as “cooperation”, “equality”, “respect for human rights” “scientific and academic progress”, “transparency” might remind you of the French revolution rather than a translators association but the ATIRD has made it clear that it follows a strict conduct.

In order to be a member of ATIRD, you only have to show interest in becoming part of the organisation, give a little help in making their aims come true, and accept the institution’s bill of rules.

Services offered

The ATIRD offers services in translation from Spanish to several idioms and vice-versa. Its members are bilingual with “vast experience in translation and interpreting services”. They are able to translate civil acts, certificates, diplomas, technical documents, personal and official correspondence, etc.

Keep in mind that the official language in the Dominican Republic is Spanish, with almost 7 million speakers in the country alone. Around the world, Spanish is the second most natively spoken language, after Mandarin Chinese. It is estimated there are around 330 million Spanish speakers in the world.

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