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Translation Association News: ACCTIThe Association of Canadian Corporations in Translation and Interpretation (ACCTI), founded in 2003, represents, through its voting membership criteria, over 50 percent of Canadian revenues generated nationwide, according to the Canadian Translation Industry Sectoral Committee.

The purpose of this translation association is to serve Canadian translators and interpreting companies, as well as users of translation services “through otherwise unattainable quality standards and arbitration processes.” Through its forum, ACCTI allows members to join forces toward the fulfilment of their goals.

As they become part of the organisation, ACCTI members must agree to a very strict code of professional conduct. They are also subject to an arbitration process.

It is guaranteed that they are all “true businesses specialising in the provision of translation and / or interpreting services”. It is recommended that any potential customer wishing to hire the services of an ACCTI member looks for the standard association logo as an assurance of quality.

Also available for specific situations concerning a higher standard, there are three ACCTI Business Specialist designation. This award given by the translators association has the purpose of providing the “highest possible level of quality assurance from a translation and interpreting vendor”. The three designations are: Translation Business Specialist, Interpretation Business Specialist and Translation & Interpretation Business Specialist.

To be a member of this translation association you don’t have to be Canadian or live in Canada. In fact, ACCTI welcomes people and companies from all over the world. However, full voting membership is only available to Canadian Corporations.

The word “quality” is used by ACCTI as “a high standard of translation and service judged by impartial professional criteria, aimed at ensuring client satisfaction”.

The association’s list of approved languages comprises over 120 tongues, from Afar to Zulu.

Keep in mind that Canada’s two main languages are English (58.8 % of the population) and French (23.2 %). The latter is mainly used in Quebec, where it is the official language. The remaining population speaks other languages. Around the world, there are around 328 million native English speakers (the actual figures are estimated to be much higher), whereas French native speakers are about 125 millions.

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