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Wordbee allows greater control over translation projects

Translation Associations News: Wordbee software as a service for translatorsWordbee is the key to have greater control over translation projects and higher efficiency. Thus, this software will interest you whether you're a freelance translator, own a translation agency or represent a translators association.

Wordbee, represented in Portugal by Lexis's partner AP | Portugal, is a revolutionary program that changes the way translators associations, translation companies and independent professionals work nowadays.

The greatest thing about this software is that Wordbee allows greater control over translation projects and higher efficiency and, at the same time, promotes collaboration between colleagues on the same team. The success of the program also derives from its accessibility.

It was a Luxembourg-seeded software company that developed Wordbee, a software awarded in 2011, at Cebit, Hannover's renowned international technology fair. In order to use this Software as a Service on your company's computers there's no need to spend money acquiring, lodging and maintaining the servers or hiring consultants.

This program, which has proved to be greatly useful for translation services, has all the technical features which you can find in memory translations systems (the so-called TMS). That, combined with the possibility of working with your team-mates in real time and in a flexible way and an intuitive interface, is what makes Wordbee special.

You can test Wordbee's potential free of charge. For that to happen all you have to do is ask for a 30 day trial version, no strings attached.

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